Servers :

Bestserv has chosen to trust in different hosters as Online / Free or OVH to host its servers. We are not owners of our servers, we only rent them for several reasons :

- No investment in the purchase of servers to pass on to customers
- New servers more efficient at the same price each year
- Technicians permanently present in the datacenter
- A fast network with large capacity and protected against DDOS
- And finally, a reduced cost that directly affects you !

Hardware :

All our servers are powered by Intel processors and DDR3 RAM for a fluid and without lag game.
Our servers are equipped with at least two hard drives configured as RAID 1 to ensure maximum security of your data and the continuity of service in case of failure of one disk.
We mainly use SATA3 hard for a good compromise between performance and storage space. We also use SAS and SSD drives for better performance on some offers.

Operating system :

All our servers operate with the Debian Linux operating system. Several reasons for this choice :

- Free software which requires no expensive license
- Ultra-secure system proven
- Stability and increased performance with constant updates
- Most game servers are running Linux
- The kernel has the ability to run at 1000hz, greatly improving the performance of your server !

Datacenters :

Bestserv chose to use multiple hosters in multiple datacenter latest generation mainly for one reason :
- That you can choose a server where you will perform better depending on your ISP and your place of residence. We currently choose between Online / Free in Paris and OVH in Roubaix, Strasbourg and Beauharnais (Canada)

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