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The big day has finally arrived!

After several months of development, we are proud to announce the opening of
The site is far from finished but is still fully functional with two offers (EG and MG) open, the other offers are being developed.

It would be too long to detail all the features offered by Bestserv, but we can mention for EG and MG offers:
- Start, stop, and restart from your admin panel in one click
- Access management allowing other users to act on your server from the admin panel
- Automatic installing and uninstalling plugins
- Reinstalling the game of your choice with one click from the 35 currently available
- Modification of slots on the fly:
-> You need 4 additional slots for the 10 days remaining ? You only pay for the remaining period !
-> You have 6 slots too much for the remaining 15 days ? Then you sell your 6 slots for the remaining period !
- Renewing your server in one click with bonus days for the longest time
- Manage your FTP access
And some other basic than we let you discover features.

The site uses its own currency, which is the token. Some explanations:
- A token is one euro on the site. A server who cost for example 3.60 tokens therefore worth 3.60 euro.
- Due to the margins taken by different providers, a token worth slightly more than a euro for purchase.
- We only propose paypal for the moment, that nevertheless allows purchases via paypal account and credit card. Other providers (allopass particular) are expected in the coming months.

We also have a system of token gift for people who want to contribute to a server (a donation system to integrate on your site is under study)

We are currently working on adding new games to the 35 currently existing and opening new offerings include:
- The minecraft offers limited by slots or RAM choice.
- The Dedibest offers you offer your dedicated core processor allowing you to install as many server as you would like.
- Mumble and Teamspeak offers that allows you to communicate with your playing partners.
- HG offers which incorporate some more in comparison of MG offers (more powerful hardware, more disk space, web space with database for your site, support for HLTV and SourceTV ,etc...)

Do not hesitate to contact us via support for all matters relating to tenders, features to the site, if you find a display bug , spelling or other mistake.

We hope you enjoy your visit and hope you will soon among our customers !

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