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New offers !
Posted on 04/12/2013 at 00:24:31 by Jejeleponey - 0 comments - 2793 views
Hi everyone,

Big update for the second news on the site, and not least !

We cook up a few small changes during the last two months, we hope you enjoy ;-)
Here is the list of changes:

Adding Trial offer:
The Trial servers are for people wishing to test our services or just need a server for one hour time of war!
You only need a validated account to receive an equivalent public server to the MG offer during 1H. You have access to the same options (unless renewed) than other offers to get an idea of what we offer before you take the plunge ;-)
Once the period of one hour has elapsed, the server will be stopped and removed. You can then repeat the operation or move to a pay offer for a longer period.

Adding Dedibest Classic offer:
This is our first core provides dedicated primarily intended for gaming communities. The offer allows you to have 120 slots spread over a maximum of 20 servers, all accompanied by a dedicated IP address and a 50 GB disk space for all. The admin panel will allow flexibility in changing the number of slots and disk space to allocate to servers.
In the coming months, the offer will be decorated with a custom mirror download, space for your website and a MySQL database for some of your games/plugins, all without changing prices.
The offer price starts at 19.90 € per month depending on the selected data center.

For the least important part of the news, we made some corrections(it is not excluded that left ;-)) and some small graphics modifications. We also proceeded to update steam games we offer.
You will also now displayed in the list of servers the characteristics of the server that hosts your server (location, name of processor, frequency, the number of cores, amount of RAM and disk type used).
For fans of the IRC, we created the chat channel #Bestserv on Whether you're looking for help or you just want to talk to us, you're welcome!

The next news should not be again until a few weeks/months, here's what we plan to offer soon:
- Added new games (Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1942 mods, Arma and Arma 2, games using the Source engine)
- Adding a java applet that allows you to connect to the chat from the site
- Added a *temporary* phpBB forum type, time to finish coding our specially adapted to Bestserv
- Added Mumble and Teamspeak offers

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems, the discovery of a bug, a spelling/grammar/conjugation or another.

We also take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season ;-)

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