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June update
Posted on 10/06/2014 at 18:34:10 by Jejeleponey - 0 comments - 2773 views

Big update for this month !

- Added Mumble offers:
--> The free offer allows you to have a 2 to 20 slots private server for a 15 days period and renewable at will.
--> The pay offer allows you to have a 2 to 1000 slots public or private server. Price starting at 0.05 € per slot.
--> Each game server (except Trial offers) have a free public Mumble server equal to the number of slots of your offer. For example, a Dedibest Classic offer of 120 slots will entitle you to a 120 slots Mumble server. Mumble server is automatically renewed upon renewal of your game server.
--> The Mumble servers sound quality is 128Kbps except for the free offer which is 72Kbps.
--> The free servers are restricted in configuration (hostname, welcome message and main channel are unmodifiable). This is not for pay offers and Mumble servers who associated to a game server.

- We reached 100 registered users and 300 Trial servers. The trial offer has helped some of you to get an idea before to go to the next step, do not feel free to test ;-)

- The monitoring system of your game servers has been improved. The system will ensure 3 times a server stops responding in a time of 15 minutes before restarting. If the system make 8 successive restart (which would mean that the server is offline for at least 2 hours probably due to a misconfiguration), the server will automatically shut down and an email will be sent to let you solve the problem.

- The web server has been recently changed, the shutdown have not exceeded 5 minutes. Since the emails sent to Microsoft services (hotmail, live, outlook, msn) are received, but go into the junk folder.

- Terms and conditions have been updated, thank you to take note.

- We are currently working on the setting up HLTV and SourceTV for EG, MG and Dedibest Classic offers. It will be free.

Good day and good frags on !

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